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The Democratization of Platform Economy and Labor Rights

The increased value of social media marketing has created a strong demand for content creators and unique individuals for brands to invest in. The rise of the platform economy is incentivizing content creators to become full-time entrepreneurs which follows the growing trend of ditching traditional constraints of corporate workplace culture. It has also allowed “regular people” to reach fame and become household names. The accessibility of fame has become relatively effortless in the past decade, allowing many to secure TV placements and large endorsement deals as a result of social media.

Although this has offered great opportunities for people to create income, it also generates concern due to the lack of labor rights and regulation on wages within the influencers' marketing platform, especially for “kidfluencers” and POC content creators. 

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African Youth for the Future: The Importance of Just Transition and Digitalization

ILO Office for the United Nations partnered with AMAKA Studios to discuss the importance of just transition and the need to uplift African youth within the future of work. ILO consultant Ms. Herrana Addisu sat down with Special Representative to the UN and Director of the ILO Office for the United Nations, Ms. Beate Andrees to discuss the Secretary-General’s brief on Investing in Jobs and Social Protection for Poverty Eradication and a Sustainable Recovery, the role of digitalization, skills training, and just transition as it related to the green economy for African youth.

FireShot Capture 135 - Race and Intersectional Identities within Modern Slavery and Human

Race and Intersectional Identities within Modern Slavery and Human Rights

Human Trafficking Search

Combatting racism is clearly in the jurisdiction of human rights and human trafficking, however, the work to fight racism isn’t always taken up by the anti-slavery movement. Historically, people of color have always been faced with systemic vulnerability against slavery. Racism is embedded within the slavery system due to the fact that black and brown bodies were and are still viewed to be inferior allowing for abuse and exploitation to be accepted.

FireShot Capture 136 - Solidarity Against Modern Slavery During COVID-19 – Human Trafficki

Solidarity Against Modern Slavery During COVID-19

Human Trafficking Search

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the lack of protection policies in place to prevent millions of people from being coerced under threat into modern slavery. As this crisis continues into the foreseeable future, we need to call on countries to ensure that their national laws provide safeguards for people working in sectors of the economy that are prone to exploitation.

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Exposing the Hidden Victims of COVID-19

Freedom United

The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing just how fragile the protection and prevention framework on modern slavery is, despite progress in recent years resulting from a new focus, marked particularly by a drive toward national anti-slavery legislation. It is clear that vulnerable migrants, including modern slavery victims and survivors, and those who do not have the legal right to remain in a country are being placed at greater risk of both the virus and its effects, as well as exploitation.

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Mapping Women, Peace and Security in the UN Security Council: 2018

NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security

This policy brief outlines the findings from the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security’s (NGOWG) monitoring and analysis of the United Nations (UN) Security Council’s daily work over the course of 2018.

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